Instagram fix me filter

Instagram Fix Me Filter [Removed]

Howdy reader? We all know Instagram has gained so popularity since its launch. Therefore, Instagram tries its best to bring out so many features and filters. One of them is Instagram fix me filter which caught everyone’s attention but not for too long.

What is Instagram fix me filter?

Instagram fix me filter mimicked the effects of surgeries like Botox and after images of surgeries. Also, It showed plastic surgeries marks. Lots of people were enjoying this filter until it took turn the other way and affected psychology of the teenagers.

Why was it removed?

Thet removed it after these filters resulted in the death of 14-year-old Molly Russell, who killed herself in 2017 after viewing graphic images of self-harm on the site. In February, Instagram officials said they will remove all graphic images of self-harm from the platform, amid concerns they could affect young and vulnerable people.

Instagram Fix Me Filter

Therefore, Instagram is removing all augmented reality (AR) filters that depict or promote cosmetic surgery. Amid concerns they harm people’s mental health.

What does its developer say?

Fix Me filter was only ever supposed to be a critique of plastic surgery, showing how bad the process is with the markings and bruising. Our intention was not to show a ‘perfect’ image, as you can see in the final result.

We can see where Instagram is coming from, but for as long as some of the most-followed accounts on Instagram are of heavily surgically ‘improved’ people.

Also, removing surgery filters won’t really change that much.

What does Instagram say?

Voila! Instagram jumped right into action and said,” They were unsure how long it would take to remove all of the filters but many users welcomed the ban.”

That being said, All of those AR filters depicting surgeries, marks and bruising have been removed by the time you’re reading this.

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