How to unblock if both blocked each other on Instagram? [Working]

Instagram is one the most popular social media among masses. It has more than 800 billion active users but every thing has its own problems so as the Instagram. Have you ever gone through the scenario! Where both of you blocked each other on Instagram? And aren’t able to unblock each other. Don’t worry! you are not alone, I’m here to help.

SOLUTION: How to unblock if both blocked each other on Instagram?

There are several methods, you can try to unblock each other on Instagram easily. So if you aren’t able to see each others profile and Let’s start!

  1. Fastest & Easiest way to unblock:
  • Download Cleaner for Instagram, this app allows you to unblock any user easily from their app. Also, If both parties have blocked each other in frustration and making profile invisible to both. This app is available for both Android & iOS. Below are the links for the app

Android : Download Here

iOS : Download Here

  •  Open this app and login with your Instagram account username and password.
  •  Tap on ‘Settings’ Gear icon from the welcome screen –> Scroll down and Tap on ‘Blocked Users’ option.
  • Here you will get a list of all blocked IG profiles, select any one and Tap on ‘Action’ floating icon –> and finally Tap on ‘Unblock’ option at the top. 

That’s It. Now you know all the possible ways to Unblock the person who has also blocked you on Instagram. If you know another way, then share it in the comments. Also, If you face any difficulty then just feel free to ask in comments.

You can checkout the video below for more information.

2. Lazy method (May work or maybe not)

Go to the DM section in the Instagram app by clicking the plane icon. Send a message to the blocked user @[username]. Send anything in the message as they will not receive it. Now open the profile of the user from the chat. Tap the three dot icon and unlock them. That’s it.

Additional knowledge:-

Although, If you have blocked the other user. You can easily unblock them without any problem. So this can be done by using Instagram app.

  • Just log into your account.
  • Click on the three dots and then Look for the blocked user option in the list.
  • Click on it and find the user you have blocked accidentally or intentionally!

If you are facing any other issue, Comment below. I will help you.

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68 thoughts on “How to unblock if both blocked each other on Instagram? [Working]”

    1. my friend and I blocked eachother a while ago and now we are trying to unblock eachother but it keeps saying that there is a failure. it won’t show either of our profiles and when we try to unblock eachother from our profiles, it won’t even highlight eachother names. how do we fix this ?

  1. I used the app in the website and I was able to unblock them but I still can’t find them when I search by username. Will they be able to see me to unblock?

    1. If you’re not able to see them. It’s because they have blocked you, All you need to do is ask them to unblock you.
      Good luck!

      1. Hi, I used the cleaner for instagram app and didnt find them in the blocked users list. Thanks for your help in advance.

        1. Try going to Insta Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Blocked Accounts
          Search for the person you’ve blocked.
          If they didn’t show up, It means they have blocked you but you didn’t block the person that’s why they are not visible.
          I hope it helps!

        1. Every time I try unblock someone it just freezes :-/ they are on my blocked list but every single time I press it just freezes. Does that mean they’ve blocked me too?

  2. I’ve downloaded the “cleaner” app but it won’t let me log in, no matter what I do. I have an iOS, please help.

    1. Look likes a problem with your device. Try logging in with your colleague or partner phone.
      Otherwise, try in an Android smartphone.
      If you need further help, don’t hesitate to reply.

  3. I have downloaded this app but it won’t let me log in . Its not working although i am using an android cell phone …what should i do …? Both of us are not able to see each others profile ..please help me

    1. Seems like problem with device. Most of the people are able to use it. Try cleaning cache & try again. Also, Try to use in other smartphone.
      If nothing helps, feel free to contact.

  4. We blocked each other. But we did excatly what everyone said to go to block account and unblock by using the 3 dots on the coner but our accounts dont have the three dots! And i used the cleaner and it didnt work!

    1. If you both used cleaner to unblock each other. Give sometime to Insta server. You will see each other !
      Otherwise Just use a alternative account to tag both of yours account and send message to each other. Good luck!

      1. The app doesn’t allow me to reach the older blocked users ..unless I upgrade by paying money which is useless

    2. I am having the same issue and now that we are both unblocked from each other, are accounts are active and when we try to follow one another, the accoint will show up and say,,,”user not found”

    1. Go to Instagram Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Blocked Accounts
      Search for the person you have blocked.

  5. Keilani Caudell

    Hi my boyfriend and I blocked each other and I tried using the app to unblock him but it keeps telling me that the server can’t request and to try again later. I can tap on the other people I’ve blocked and unblock them, but I can’t go through the Instagram app or the app that’s provided to unblock him

    1. Go to Instagram Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Blocked Accounts
      Search for the person you have blocked.

      I figured it out!!

      All you have to do is mention them in a comment…. once you comment, you can click that persons account & either block them or unblock them….
      Simple lol

  6. If I can’t find a person in the blocked users of insta cleaner it means I didn’t block them but only they did me?!

  7. Me and a friend has blocked each other on instragram. I downloaded the clean app and was not able to see anyone on my block list, and I also went under my settings/Blocked, found her but all it does is highlight her name… Is there anything else I can do to unblock her?

  8. Used this app before and have by mistake used the free point given. Didn’t really then knew how to use the app. Need to unblock one person for free. Anyother way? The dm or mentioning in comment doesn’t work as nothing happens

  9. Me and another person blocked each other and we can’t unblock one another, nothing works. What can I do?

  10. I downloaded Cleaner, but in list of blocked users I don’t see anyone who blocked me back…only ones who was blocked just by me. In Instagram I can see all.

  11. My husband and I blocked each other during a petty argument. Now we can’t unblock one another. We can see the pages on our block lists but we can’t click on the page to unblock them.

  12. I have a mutual blocking situation on ig, he blocked me then I blocked him somehow. Usually when I go to block list and tap on his profile, it’s blank, but yesterday i saw number of followers, posts, profile photo and button that said “unblock”. I believe he has lifted the block for few minutes and then blocked me again, or…?

    1. Yes, this could be true. If he blocked you again, you won’t be able to see the number of followers, etc stuff.

  13. My bf and I blocked each other and now it won’t let us on block. I’ve YouTubed it several times and followed all the instructions and it still won’t work. weve both tried the going to my blocked accounts and clicking on him but once o do nothing happens, I get no options. We’ve tried the messaging route and still nothing!

  14. I used the Cleaner for Instagram to unblock someone, however now I still cannot find them when I search for them, nor can they find me.. However they’ve disappeared off my blocked list.

  15. I downloaded and used the app you mentioned, unblocked my ex however when I went to search for his account via the Instagram app nothing came up…

    1. Give it sometime, you’ll be able to see his profile. In case you don’t, there is high chance that he has blocked you too.

  16. We have blocked each other over frustration and i m facing problem with unblocking
    I went to the blocked account but its like
    You cant click on it and open the profile

  17. I have downloaded the app and when I go to the settings tab, it times out and goes right back to the login screen. Can someone help?

  18. I have downloaded the app and when I go to the settings tab, it times out and goes right back to the login screen. Can someone help?

  19. Randi Featherstone

    I used the app and unblocked the user, they’ve been removed from my blocked users on Insta but now I can’t search for their profile at all. Is this because I know that user had blocked me as well? Or does it take time to “reset”

  20. I used the cleaner app to unblock a user and now they have totally disappeared from Instagram as far as my account is concerned. They don’t even show up as a blocked user. Any ideas how to fix this?

  21. me and my friend we blocked each other on instagram and now we want to block each other but in our both account NO USER FOUND is showing. please help

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