How many gmail accounts can i have

How Many Gmail Accounts Can I Have ?

Howdy reader? I hope you’re having a good time. So, Why are you here? Just kidding I know right because you want to know how many gmail accounts can I have? No worries! I’m here to help.

FUN FACT : Gmail started in 2004

Let’s talk about gmail first. So, What is gmail? Gmail is an e-mail service provided by the google and developed by Paul Buccheit during his college years. He started developing it in August 2001 but he had already looked into it even before the launch of Hotmail in 1990s.

FUN FACT : Paul Buccheit created first version of gmail in one day.

How many gmail accounts can I have?

The answer is ‘Unlimited’. Yes, You read it right. Also, Google doesn’t have any limits on how many accounts an individual can open but you shouldn’t spam the service. So, You can open as many accounts as you want but you would also require to verify those using mobile number.

How many accounts can be verified using same mobile number?

Usually between 1-10. There isn’t any fixed amount as we saw earlier. Every user has different experiences as some have 2 accounts whereas some have 6 accounts verified with the same number. Therefore, It varies from user to user.

Can I have more than 1000 gmail accounts?

Speaking theoretically, ‘Yes, It is possible to have more than 1000 gmail accounts.‘ Shocked ha? It’s possible but it would require you to use different IP addresses as Google may blacklist you for spamming their services.

Can I delete my gmail account?

Yes, You can. Firstly visit this link. After that search for ‘Delete services’ and delete gmail.

I hope I was able to clear your doubts through the help of this article and help you. I tried my best to share all the knowledge I had. Thank-you for reading. If you like it, Please share it with your family and friends.

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