How do I fix black and white screen in PUBG mobile, on an emulator?

Howdy gamers,

Are you using an old laptop/PC for PUBG emulator gaming ? I can feel you. Sometimes it plays smooth, Other times It’s just laggy gameplay. You aren’t alone. Recently, I saw black and white screen error in PUBG Mobile on emulator(Tencent Gaming Buddy) .

After going through a lot of content, I wasn’t able to find solution but I’m stubborn. I experimented with the settings in Tencent gaming buddy and I found workaround for the low-end PCs.

Eager to know, right? Don’t worry I’ll tell you. Just follow the simple steps or watch the video below :

  • Go to emulator settings
  • Select engine
  • Under rendering option, Select ‘OpenGL++’ and uncheck the ‘Rendering Optimisation’
  • Set anti-aliasing to ‘Balaced’
  • Set memory to ‘2048MB’
  • Set processor to ‘2’
  • Set resolution to ‘1280*720’
  • Set DPI to ‘240’

After you follow these steps carefully, You’ll be good to go.

Thankyou !

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