Screen Ghosting Problems in samsung, amoled displays, motorola and other smartphones.

Fix Screen Ghosting Problem in 5 minutes [Solved]

How to fix screen ghosting problem ?

Howdy readers? Have you been facing screen ghosting problems? It is pretty irritating to see the previously used apps or see ghost notification icons. Does it sound familiar ha? If you are facing the same issue then don’t worry, I can help you. Lets fix this screen ghosting problem.

how to fix screen ghosting problem in moto g4 plus solved

This screenshot shows Motorola G4 Plus with screen ghosting issue. Not only this smartphone but most of the Samsung smartphones with amoled screen evince this issue.

Solution : To fix screen ghosting problem

I have checked multiple methods in order to fix the same issue. Out of which few work such as:-

  1. sFilter Lite app: Download this app from the playstore, here. Now put the settings as per screenshot below.

2. Change in seetings : If you have Motorola or any other smartphone with Live Display settings. Here’s a fix for  you:-

  • Open settings.
  • Click on Display option.
  • Check for Live Display & open the Color Calibration settings.
  • Then set the RGB values at 76% and hurray, It’s done.

Now, I think your problem has been already fixed. If not, Now I have more technical solution for this issue. Try some of these at your risk. Sometimes these solution may fix your issue for sure but can cause other issues. Are you ready? Lets get started.

More Technical Solutions

#fix1 : If you are using any custom ROM like Lineage OS or Ressurection then you try this method.

  • Set the color temperature in the settings to ~8000K
  • And, in the color calibration. Set these values;

Red=100%   Green=95%   Blue= 95%

#fix2 :  If you are on elementalX Custom Kernel, you can try this method;

1) Download and install Kernel manager app from the playstore.

2) Select graphic menu and click on advance color control.

3) Now set the values of RGB as per these settings.

4) Tick apply on boot and restart the device.

Still your screen have some burned pixels. Install Burn fix app from play store and let it run for 20 minutes minimum.


Now, you are done. I hope one of these methods will surely work for you. Check my blog for more. Also, read the reference here.

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