BuddyPress v/s PeepSo : Which is better ?

BuddyPress v/s PeepSo

Creating your own social network inside WordPress sites has not been so easy. Several plugins are available to us which creates confusion among newbies. Which one they should use? Today, I’m going to discuss about two popular plugins one by one i.e BuddyPress v/s PeepSo.


Firstly, Let’s talk about the most popular plugin among the bloggers – BuddyPress. It allows users to create beautiful social networking sites which can be customized easily. Also, It offers features similar to that of Facebook and Twitter.

BuddyPress LOGO

BuddyPress has been in the market for a long time. Therefore, It offers wide variety of features and also good customer support. Talking about its features :-

  1. It allows users to create profiles with profile pictures. Also, the site admin can set the restrictions or set of rules to create accounts.
  2. Users are allowed to send private messages to each other.
  3. They can also form groups & Join them.
  4. It also provide feature to befriend each other.
  5. Not only this, they can create blogs and join the forums easily.

Remember, It’s a open source software making it free to download and use. Lots of customization is available to users as it’s an extensible plugin. It also offers thousands of plugins and you can also make your own plugins. BuddyPress comes with beautifully designed themes for your WordPress site both free and paid.

Overall, It is a content management system in itself. You can download it from here.


We can call this plugin “Noobie Friendly”. It is very easy to use and free. There is no need to hire a developer which is a good thing. It is super-light plugin to create social network in wordpress site. Coming to its features, It offers same features as that of WordPress.

Its core package is free forever but features are limited in free version which is obvious. You can purchase paid version which include additional features like :-

  1. Hashtags, Polls, Reactions, Chat – are included in it.
  2. Word filter, user limit, and blog posts can only be used if you are a paid user. Nothing comes for free !
  3. Also WooCommerce integration and other necessary features are not available in free version.

Try PeepSo plugin from here.

Battle Conclusion : BuddyPress v/s Peepso

Both plugin offer wide variety of features. So which one I recommend to use?

PeepSo is recommended if you are low in budget but if you got some cash, Go for BuddyPress. It’ll not let you down.

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